Overview  D.W International Building Hardware Supply Co., Ltd. ( D.W Taiwan ) established worldwide sales and marketing represent office for full range premium door control products and all made from Taiwan.
 Some our door controls products also conform to the EN1154, CE, UL, and PSB standards.
 Leverage on high-standard technology and value-added investments in manufacturing facilities, we specialize in the manufacturing & developing of full range door control products, abundant experiences, stable and excellent quality in this field.
 We also provided premium and best reliable quality products at the most competitive prices.
 D.W Taiwan insists on providing the best quality service, manufacture and development of quality products to customers.
HIGH EFFICIENT GLOBAL SERVICE  In line with our continuous search in keeping abreast with up-to-date developments in field of this industry, we are stability acquiring new technologies and facilities to develop new products, couple with our strong networking; We are set to position ourselves as one of the leaders in its field.
 Our dynamic team TDDC, YDL, CYB is confident that we have the capability to supply you, not only with the best qualities and cost-competitive products but also high efficient services.
 We expect to have a cordial business relationship with worthy of respected company.
D.W Taiwan MISSION STATEMENT  - Continuity to serve the existing market and more actively, tapping the
   nice market alienated by other competitor in the world-wide market.
 - We embark aggressively on the global expansion plans and cooperation.
 - We insist on providing products that are proven to be superior and enable
   in the market.
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